Poly Shape Icon Poly Shape

Poly Shape is unlike the usual ProBuilder shapes in that it is interactive and editable indefinitely. Once a Poly Shape has been created you may continue to edit it's control points and other settings.

Modifying control points or settings will clear any mesh edits.

Quick Start

  • In the ProBuilder Toolbar select New Poly Shape.
  • In the Scene View click to add control points. These will form the outer bounds of your mesh.
  • Once finished placing points, hit Enter / Return or Space to finalize the shape.
  • Move the mouse up and down to set the mesh height, then Left Click to finalize.

After the initial path and height setting, the mesh enters Editing Mode.

Editing a Poly Shape

Even after the initial creation steps a Poly Shape can still be modified.

Select the Edit Poly Shape button in the Unity Inspector. To disable Poly Shape Editing simply click this button again.

  • Move existing control points by clicking and dragging.
  • Add new points by clicking along the perimeter line.
  • Remove existing points by clicking to select, then press Backspace (Delete on Mac).
  • Set the height by clicking and dragging the handle in the center of the mesh.
  • Flip the normals by selecting Flip Normals in the Inspector.