Provides info about the currently installed version of ProBuilder.


Opens the latest Documentation online.

Check for Updates

Check for any available ProBuilder updates.

Dimensions Overlay

Show or hide the Dimensions Overlay, which works on all mesh objects (not just ProBuilder)

Dimensions Overlay Example


Tools > ProBuilder > Actions

Generate UV2

  • Generate UV2 - Selection: If you have toggled off the automatic generation of UV2 channels in Preferences, you can use this item to build UV2 (lightmap) channels for the current selection.

  • Generate UV2 - Scene: This generates UV2 (lightmap) channels for all ProBuilder objects in the scene. This is only useful if you have toggled off automatic UV2 generation in the Preferences panel.

Strip ProBuilder Scripts

  • Strip all ProBuilder Objects in Scene: Remove all ProBuilder scripts from all objects in this scene, leaving just the models.

  • Strip all ProBuilder Objects in Selection: Remove all ProBuilder scripts from selected objects, leaving just the model.


Tools > ProBuilder > Repair

Rebuild All ProBuilder Objects

Rebuild mesh representations from stored ProBuilder data for each object in the scene. If you have a lot of objects in a scene this can take a while.

Rebuild Shared Indices Cache

Discards all shared vertex position data and rebuilds based on proximity.

Remove Degenerate Triangles

Deletes triangles on a mesh that are either taking up no space, or are duplicates.

Upgrade Scene to Advanced

After upgrading from ProBuilder Basic to ProBuilder Advanced you will need to run this action in order to preserve the materials applied to objects. This is only necessary once per scene.

Upgrade Selection to Advanced

Same as Upgrade Scene to Advanced, except that only the current object selection is affected (as opposed to the entire scene).

Convert to Package Manager

Used when upgrading a ProBuilder 2.x project to 3.0. See Convert to Package Manager for more information.


Tools > ProBuilder > Experimental

These are tools or functions that aren’t quite ready for public use, but are included for users to try out early, and report issues/feedback.

See Experimental Tools for more information.


Tools > ProBuilder > Debug

Displays detailed information on the currently selected mesh.

Debug Window Example


Tools > ProBuilder > Export

Export Asset

Save the selection as Unity mesh .asset files.

Export OBJ

Export the selected object(s) as OBJ

Export Stl Ascii

Export the selected object(s) as STL in ASCII format

Export Stl Binary

Export the selected object(s) as STL in Binary format