Convert to Manual

Converts the selected Face(s) to using Manual UVs.

When converting from Auto UVs to Manual there will be no loss of resolution, but if you modify vertices or edges individually in Manual Mode those changes will not be transferable to Auto Mode.

Fill Mode

Option Description
Tile Continously tiles (repeats) the UVs across the object
Fit Uniformly scales UVs to size
Stretch Expands the selection on all sides to fill space


Enter exact offset values here, or drag the input field to adjust.


Enter exact rotation values here, or drag the slider to adjust.


Enter exact Scale values here, or click the preset buttons.

Flip U

Flip the UVs horizontally.

Flip V

Flip the UVs vertically.

Swap U/V

Invert the horizontal and vertical UVs.

World Space

UVs are aligned to the World - this ensures textures on same-angle faces will always line up, but UVs will not stay put when moving the object.

Texture Group Number

Shows the Texture Group ID of the currently selected face, if applicable.

Group Selected Faces

Create a new Texture Group from the selected faces.

Select Texture Group

Select all faces in the the Texture Group.