Important: Vertex Color mode requires special shaders to work. If you're not able to paint colors on a mesh, change the material to ProCore/Polybrush/Material/Standard Vertex Color and try again.
Painting Sphere


Vertex Color mode enables you to set the vertex colors of a mesh with a brush or paint bucket. Use the toolbar under Paint Settings to choose between the two modes.

Vertex Color mode will only work if the shader a material uses supports vertex colors. Most default Unity shaders do not support vertex colors! Polybrush will show a warning when hovering a mesh with an incompatible shader.

Polybrush includes some default materials that support vertex colors. Use one of these materials if you want to paint colors on a mesh (or alternatively any other shader that reads the mesh.colors attribute).

Name Description Path
Diffuse Vertex Color A Legacy Diffuse shader with support for a texture, normal map, and vertex colors. ProCore/Polybrush/Materials/Diffuse Vertex Color
Standard Vertex Color This material behaves similarly to the Standard shader, but with support for painting vertex colors. ProCore/Polybrush/Materials/Standard Vertex Color


Select any mesh object, enter Vertex Color mode, then click and drag while hovering over the selected mesh.

The actual color applied to vertices will be affected by the current Brush Settings. Check out the Brush Settings page for more information on how.

Vertex Color Mode Settings

Brush Type

Setting Description
Brush Colors are applied smoothly across Certices
Fill Colors are applied to Faces
Flood Colors are applied to the entire Object

Color Mask

Allows you to selectively modify color values by channel (R, G, B, A). By default the all color channels are affected by the brush. Toggling off channels tells Polybrush to leave those channel values alone when modifying the mesh.

Brush Color

Shows the current brush color- to select a new brush color, either click an element in the Color Palette list or manually change the Brush Color field.

Note: The final color the brush applies also depends on the Brush Strength and the underlying mesh color.

Color Palette

The Color Palette provides quick access to brush colors. You can add, remove, or change colors in this list at any time. To reset a palette back to the default values, click Set Defaults below the list view.

To add a new Color Palette open the Palettes popup and select Add Palette....