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A Bird's-eye View of Unity Matchmaker


This documentation is now deprecated. If you are using Matchmaker Self Serve though UDash, please use the documentation here.

What is Unity Matchmaker#

Unity Matchmaker is part of Unity's growing suite of multiplayer services that are designed to help you create and operate multiplayer games no matter what engine you're using.

  • Custom data provides your matchmaker with information to make the perfect match
  • Multiplay game server hosting integration helps your game to scale and achieve worldwide success
  • Flexible backfill connects players to ongoing matches
  • Quick time-to-match ensures that players spend less time waiting

With almost limitless customizability, matchmaking is ready to grow and adapt with your game.


Matchmaking is integrated with various Unity services.

  • Multiplay Game Server Hosting helps you operate your game at scale
  • The Multiplay Session Service supports setting custom rules and data for your game server
  • Multiplay Quality of Service (QoS) measures connection quality to your game servers
  • Unity Player Identity provides a custom identity token exchange for integrating your player data with matchmaking


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How to Start#

Here are the recommended next steps to explore Unity Matchmaker