What is ProGrids?

If you have used virtually any other 3D tool, you are probably already familiar with grid snapping. Keeping objects aligned and evenly spaced is an important part of just about every level design workflow. If this still sounds confusing, don't worry; all the important stuff happens on it's own, in the background.

Quick Start

Here's the basic idea: you have a "world grid" (one that never, ever changes position or orientation). Any object you move in Unity will snap to that grid as you move it. This means you always know exactly where items are placed, how far they are from each other, how far you are moving them, etc.

Once you've installed ProGrids, follow these steps to get started snapping.

  1. Open Tools > ProGrids > ProGrids Window
  2. To change snap settings, click the grids dropdown in the top left of the active scene view
  3. To close ProGrids, select Tools > ProGrids > Close ProGrids