Unity Cloud Build


Platform-Specific Custom Scripts

If your builds make use of Cloud Build’s custom Pre or Post-Build scripting features, you may experience some changes related to the environment these scripts are run in. These scripts on Windows machines are run in a Cygwin environment, and therefore may not have access to the same paths, environment variables, executables, or other things that are present on our MacOS infrastructure.

Issues with Perforce and Windows Line Endings

This issue should be fixed as of September 9th, 2021. If you are still experiencing it, please contact Cloud Build support.

We have seen some issues in perforce projects caused by \r characters being used as line endings. This issue seems to happen the most in pre and post-build scripts. If your scripts start to fail on lines ending with a \r character, you may need to go into your perforce workspace settings and change the line endings to unix.