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Unity and XCode versions deprecations!

In order to better support customer reliability for Apple Xcode and Unity versions running in Unity Cloud Build, older and unsupported versions of Unity and XCode will be deprecated beginning on July 18th, 2022.

Please refer to this Xcode compatibility lookup page to see the upcoming changes to Unity and Xcode versions supported on Mac hardware. For additional questions, please visit the Cloud Build Forums.

Unity Versions that will remain enabled for iOS, macOS, WebGL, Android, Windows and Linux Target Builds

* Legacy Versions: While you can continue to send builds for these older Unity editor versions, we are unable to provide customer support and bug fixes for any issues that may arise on these versions. Please view our version policy for more information. We highly advise customers to upgrade to one of the newer supported versions of Unity as soon as possible.

** LTS Support: LTS versions of Unity will receive higher priority for support requests. The Unity LTS versions are listed on our main Unity Editor LTS Page

XCode Versions that will remain enabled

Support for Android SDK 31

We are happy to announce that Android SDK 31 can now be selected in Unity Cloud Build! Learn more.

Xcode 12.5.1 and Xcode 13.0 are now live!

Thanks for your patience during our testing and rollout phases. Additionally we’ve rolled out all new Mac hardware in our data centers that include an increase of:

Hopefully you should see some decreased build times as a result!

Let us know if you face any issues by submitting a Support Ticket in the Dashboard.

To read more about Xcode and Unity version compatibility, click here.

Windows Builder Public Rollout

Starting on July 14th, 2021, the Windows Builder Beta program will be leaving Beta and entering a public rollout phase. From this point onward, Windows and Android builds will run on Windows machines by default.

For more information on Builder OS support by platform, click here.

Environment Variables

Please refer to the list of environment variables for a list of variables that are available for use in pre- and post-build scripts.

Supported Software

In alignment with the rest of Unity’s support policy, you can still build on platforms not listed below; however, to ensure our development team is prioritizing only the most highly developed on platforms, we will be limiting our answering of support tickets directly related to issues stemming from Unity version and Xcode version to the versions listed below.

If you have a support ticket that you believe is not related to the version of Unity or Xcode you are working on, but you’re still developing on an unsupported platform, feel free to submit it; however, we cannot guarantee priority to bug fixing that particular ticket.

**Please note, you can still build for Editor and Xcode versions not listed below, this is simply regarding our prioritizing of responding to bug fixes and other tickets.**

Xcode Versions

We keep Xcode binaries for around 15 months with an announcement and Deprecation User-facing notice at 12 months. Typically somewhere in the 16-18 months range historically Xcode versions stop working with the previous Apple OS.

Current Big Sur Image

As of April 2022, all iOS and iPadOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 13 and the iOS 15 SDK. See Apple’s announcement here.

We recommend upgrading any iOS projects using an older version of Xcode as soon as possible.

Please stay tuned to this page where we will announce Deprecation for older Xcode versions as they occur.

Unity Versions

In alignment with Unity’s platform-wide support policy, we will only be answering support tickets for LTS releases and the latest TECH release (listed below). For more information on Unity’s support policy for editor releases, please visit here.

Release Notes

Older Release Notes